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Cake Artist


Sophie le Roux, Lotti Seebeck, Amanda Hohenberg

Puderraum Galerie, Berlin 2017

Puderpink was an exhibition and 'pink immersion' event series held at Puderraum Galerie, Berlin, from January- February 2017. Over 100 artists exhibited, performed, and many more contributed to the live events. The cake installation was made as part of one of three showcase events, this one as an anti-valentines softness protest.

"Puderpink is delicate, sexy, political, dirty, superficial, soft. Puderpink is a one coloured playground of narratives: from fungi-icon and caviar fetish, to pop glue and neo nazis and cotton candy, over to the coming out and body fluids and our internal organs.
For a whole month we let Puderpink breathe in the pink lungs of Puderraum, where for three special nights we will have performances and (non) happenings.

In delicious fear and chromatic anticipation we wait for Puderpink, a feast of magenta, a conversation between pinkments and in any case the pinkest exhibition of this winter. Dresscode: 69% PINK."

Curated by: Sophie le Roux, Lotti Seebeck, Amanda Hoheberg

Photography: Sophie le Roux

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