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SWARM poster.jpeg


Director of Design

Riptide Theatre, 2016

Artistic DirectorAlexander Palmer

ProducerAnna Turzynski

WriterSophie Dumont

Director of Design: Helen Russell Brown

Design team: Daisy Petley, Chloë Oldridge, Jess Hendersen

Technical ManagerNatalie McLoughlin

Sound DesignerWill Wadham

Assistant DirectorZosh Skowronska

Assistant Producer: Bethan Mullins

Choreographer: Becs Scanlan

This is not a club night. 

This is not theatre. 

This is something new

SWARM was an immersive experience set in a futuristic hedonistic nightclub designed to disorientate, stimulate and intoxicate party goers.

Every night audience members stepped into the spotlight, danced and drank with performers as the narrative unfolded around them. They were invited to explore the green room, eavesdrop intimate conversations behind closed doors, and even dance in a kaleidoscopic mirror booth.
The dance floor and bar evolved in response to the people moving through the space; movement affected lighting colours and demand affected prices at the stock-exchange style bar.

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