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the palace collective








The Palace Residency

Resident: Key Contributor; Aesthetic Dressing; Workshop Facilitator


Thea Hope

Sophia Kurmann

Jordan Rolfe

Ed Mann

The Palace Collective

Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland, 2016 2017; 2018P


Held annually in a 700 year old Palace in Poland since 2016, each residency rests on a core of community creation, with the key principles of Contribute, Collaborate, and Play. The program focuses on cross discipline collaboration, developing creative and personal confidence and self-organisation of communities within the arts.

"We are a collective of inquisitive minds, focused on developing confidence and creative expression in individuals and communities. We are an ever evolving international network of diverse art-forms, industries, backgrounds & levels of experience, united by cross discipline collaboration and collective support." 

Check out more about The Palace Collective here

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