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Real Junk Food Emporium

Waste Food Pop-Up Supermarket

& Dining Events

Creators: Helen Russell Brown, Caleb Elliott

Dining Event Chef: Andy Castle

Photography: Daisy Petley

Collaborators: East St Arts, The Real Junk Food Project, Leeds Indie Food Festival

Window mural artist: Natalie Hughes

Leeds, 2018

Made in collaboration with local waste food charity The Real Junk Food Project, this project was realised as part of the program for Leeds Indie Food Festival. Taking over an abandoned DIY store in Leeds city centre, the month long waste food supermarket operated on a Pay As You Feel basis to redistribute food from local supermarkets and businesses that would otherwise have been destined for the bin. The ethos of the project was to support members of the local community with little or no access to fresh and healthy food, as well as provide information about reducing food waste. The month long project also included three fine dining events made in collaboration with brilliant local chef Andy Castle, raising over £2000 to support the ongoing work of the charity.

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