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The Weather Café

Café Host; Design Assistant


David Shearing, 2016

Creative team:

Creator: David Shearing

Assistant Designer: Laura Ann Price

Sound Design: James Bulley

Creative Technologist: Daniel Jones

Project Assistant: Molly Isherwood

Design Assistant: Helen Russell Brown

Production Manager: Chris Megginson

Café Hosts: Helen Russell Brown, Lydia Cottrell

Photography: Tom Joy

Video Documentation: Edward Scott Clarke


In Spring 2016, The Weather Café inhabited an empty shopfront in Leeds city centre. An immersive café installation that responded to the changing weather of the city, the shifting environment inside evolved as the wind blew, the rain dripped onto tables and a thick cloud rolled across the freshly turfed floor.


An ever-changing orchestration of sound and imagery, the café presented the voices of over 100 people living and connected to Leeds. Seated opposite a stranger and presented with a curated selection of soothing teas, visitors listened through headphones to reflections and stories that shifted with the changing weather. The installation acted as an emotional barometer reflecting the climate of the city.​

Created by award-winning artist and scenographer David Shearing


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